The Chapel  at Red Rocks
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The Chapel at Red Rocks is located in the Rocky Mountain foothills west of Denver. Just north of the chapel is world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater, set amid a sprawling natural park of winding paths and untouched natural beauty.

The view from inside the chapel adds a sense of drama and splendor to any wedding, and it alone will make your ceremony unique. But the vista itself is just part of what makes the Chapel at Red Rocks special. Outside, couples, families, and friends can walk the grounds and enjoy quiet, personal moments, and our posing sites for photographers are specially chosen to supply amazing settings for portraits.

And the Chapel at Red Rocks provides perfect evidence of why there's more than just one season to consider when planning a wedding. Summer is beautiful, but in spring the meadows teem with wildflowers beneath arching, blue skies, and fall offers the changing colors of the Rockies while still providing warm sun. Winter at Red Rocks is a sight you'll never forget; the jutting boulders dusted with snow and the deepest hue of blue above or dramatic low clouds that mysteriously graze the mountaintops. Even in summer, the thunderstorm that might seem a catastrophe anywhere else becomes a natural wonder when it glides over Red Rocks and provides guests inside the chapel with a background they'll never forget.

Inside the chapel, the bride and groom each have their own dressing room with bathroom, to provide privacy and space to prepare for the ceremony. And the high-ceiling chapel itself offers air-conditioned comfort and spectacular views for up to 140 guests, who enjoy the ceremony from distinctive, 80-year-old, solid-oak pews.